With the ever growing losses experienced by many companies today due to vandalism, theft, and other criminal elements, can your business afford to rely on luck to avoid being targeted?

Security Guards

Services -PWM Guards are a visible presence and will monitor your property for vandalism, theft, fire damage, disaster response and more.

-Hiring Standards and quality training programs are key components to meet those clients' needs and expectations. Due to a stringent training program, our Security Guards are well versed in the requirements and expectations of our clients and as such, are dedicated to protecting your assets.

-The character of our guards must be irreproachable and they must be bondable. All Security Guards must meet all of the requirements laid out under the Alberta Investigators and Security Guards Act ("the Act").
  • CCTV

    CCTV / Access Control Closed Circuit TV is an essential asset to any business looking to mitigate loss. Using quality brand name DVR's and security cameras, PWM offers a surveillance system you can rely on.

    Through advances in camera and network technology we can offer our clients the ability to remotely monitor a site 24/7 to ensure a safe workplace. PWM can monitor your business for you or alternately give you the ability to view your business at any given time through the internet. This can be an invaluable service. The ability to review a live video recording of an incident can help to minimize any liability.

    Access control grants a business the ability to control areas that can be accessed by their employees and can also work as a way of tracking who is where and when.

  • Mobile

    Mobile Patrols PWM also provides property patrol inspection through our team of Mobile Patrol Guards. These individuals are responsible for providing security inspections at various locations that may not require a full time Security Guard on site. PWM mobile units also have access to computers inside the vehicles and maintain radio as well as electronic communication with our dispatch centre.

    Mobile patrol typically consists of interior and/or exterior patrols of the client's property. Each client's needs are specific to the individual location and type of property patrolled. We offer site specific checks of specific problem areas and understand that each client has their own concerns. With the option to increase the amount of patrols as the customer sees fit, we can help to ensure the safety and security of your business.

  • SupportImg

    Supervision Services Beyond careful hiring practices and client training, PWM relies on its field supervision services as a key quality control component.

    Supervisors are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Supervisors are specifically trained in all security matters pertaining to our clients' locations. They are responsible for the conduct of the Security Guards on duty.

    Supervisory personnel have been especially chosen for their maturity, expertise, sound knowledge and their ability to make appropriate decisions in emergency situations.

    Spot checks of our Security Guards and their work sites are done on a random and un-announced basis. The Supervisor will normally carry out a full inspection of the site with the Security Guard and will ensure that the Security Guard is fully conversant with the Post Orders for that location.

  • Investigations

    Investigation Services Investigations by licensed Private Investigators have become an increasing requirement in today's workplace due, in part, to the increasing criminal activity in society and depleted police resources.

    PWM is well positioned to offer investigation services based on management experience and well trained investigators. PWM is a corporate member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators.

    Investigations can identify internal theft (employee theft) thereby saving a company literally thousands of dollars. Most companies without a Loss Prevention Program in place tend to lose 5 - 6% of sales to theft. Companies with a well maintained Loss Prevention Program can see their risk reduced to 1.5 - 2.0% of sales.