To qualify for the Alberta license you must be:
  -A Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada
  -Competent and of good character
  -No serious criminal record for which a pardon has not been
  -No outstanding criminal charges
  -Not the subject of a criminal investigation
  -Fluent in speaking English, the standard for fluency is the
   ability to communicate effectively with the public and
   members of the emergency response system during
   emergency situations.


Course Information

PWM Loss Prevention Services Inc. is offering the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST).

PWM is licensed and accredited to deliver the ABST training, and is offering to provide the training component of the individual license application to all qualified applicants.

Qualified individuals may apply to the Solicitor General for a Security Services license. This will require a police background check (currently appx. 2 weeks of waiting and under $50 with associated costs), and the ABST training, which must be supplied by an accredited academy.

The police background check and the passing grade on the ABST exam are prerequisites to the provincial license application. All materials, and (currently) $100 must be sent to the Solicitor General in compliance with SSIA regulations, and the individual applicant is assessed for the license, which permits them to work anywhere in the industry. The license must be renewed every two years.

The ABST course is 40 hours of mandatory classroom attendance and requires a strong comprehension of the English language both written and verbal.


PWM Loss Prevention Office 1, 1915 - 32 Avenue NE Calgary, AB


Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 (On specified Dates)

For general enquiries for course dates and time please call our Calgary office @ 403-237-6899 or email: info@pwmsecurity.com